What is Apple Watch Series 2 battery replacement cost at Apple Service?

Out-of-Warranty Battery Replacement

If AppleCare+ coverage is inactive ($0), the cost for a battery replacement will be an out-of-pocket expense. The good news is, Apple offers a flat rate of $79 for replacing the battery in your Apple Watch Series 2 or 2 Nike+ (GPS) 38mm. This price includes both parts and labor.

AppleCare+ Status: If you have AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch Series 2, battery replacements might be covered at no additional cost, as long as the battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity. You can check your AppleCare+ coverage status on Apple’s website.

Finding the Right Repair Service:

For the best experience, consider getting your battery replaced through Apple itself. They use genuine parts and offer a reliable service. You can visit an Apple Store or mail your watch in for repair.

Alternative Repair Providers:

Third-party repair shops might offer slightly lower prices, but proceed with caution. Make sure they use high-quality parts and have good customer reviews.

apple watch applecare battery

How to find Battery Repair cost?

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to Apple Watch Service Page

apple watch repair

Visit official Apple Watch Service page You will find the options for the service like battery

Estimate based on your Watch mode.

apple watch battery cost

Choose the service type, then product and model, once you click Estimate you will get the details about different repair options.

Get Service based on model

apple watch applecare battery

If current apple watch series support apple care plan it will show the details, click on

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